6 September 2008
The issues of healthcare, education, socio-economic development and international accord were in the center of attention of the State Secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kanat Saudabayev during his visit to Karaganda oblast.

During his visit, K.Saudabayev learned the work of the regional hospital in Osakarovskiy region, met with the professors, lecturers and students of Karaganda Economic University, had a meeting with the members of the Small Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan, saw the work of the JSC “ArselorMittal Temirtau” and the trade and recreational center “City Mall”. Besides, in Karkaralinsk the State Secretary visited the mosque of Kunanbay-kazhy and saw the process of building the professional lyceum №5.

During the meeting with the members of the Small Assembly of the peoples of Kazakhstan of Karaganda oblast, the State Secretary noted how important it is to further strengthen the stability and accord in our multinational country.

– Throughout the 17 years the peace and accord has been sustained in our country. The Kazakhstani people show respectful and careful attitude towards the representatives of other cultures, languages, religions, understand the necessity for keeping the stability in the society. No doubts, the great contribution was made by the President Nursultan Nazarbayev who cherishes the peace and accord in our multinational home. The recent tragic events in Caucasus that led to the deaths of people of different nationalities vividly underline the course of the Head of our state on strengthening the peace and harmony, - said the State Secretary.

As the President stated on opening of the session of the Parliament, “the welfare of people, peace, political and economic stability, tolerance of the multinational and multiconfessional Kazakhstan, legally registered state frontier, good relations with neighbors – that is what we created during the years of Kazakhstan’s independence and what we are now proud of… The most important task for us all is to ensure peace and tranquility in our home”.

On the meeting in Karaganda the importance of the further intensification of the activities of the Assembly of the peoples of Kazakhstan as a key instrument of the public politics in interethnic sphere and also of the small assemblies and national and cultural centers was marked.

– In Kazakhstan the most optimal and acceptable in the conditions of the country model of national politics aimed at consolidation of the society on the basis of forming the unified citizens’ identity was chosen and now being realized. The culture and the language of the Kazakh people stand as the integrating pivot, the nucleus of such identity. At the same time the interests of all nations living in Kazakhstan are taken into account. The practical task at this stage lies in subsequent consolidation of the society into a nation unified in its diversity in the name of reaching the ambitious goals of the President that aim at building the highly developed, prospering and competent state, - said the State Secretary.

From that point the example of Karaganda oblast serves as a model. Today in the oblast there are 71 ethno-cultural societies including 24 regional organisations. The youngsters’ wing of the Assembly is functioning, there are youngsters’ sections in all national and cultural centers. For 14 years the regional festival of national cultures that attracts more attention and more participants has been held successfully due to the Day of Republic national holiday

– In the work for strengthening the peace and accord there should be the systematic element, accent upon the actual result, search for creative work forms, successive and purposeful educational, informational, ideological and reputation activities of the appropriate structures in interaction with the public. The strengthening of peace and accord, unification of the Kazakhstani nation in the name of achieving high goals guarantee the further stable and successful development of our country, noted K.Saudabayev.

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