17 January 2008
President Nursultan Nazarbayev Receives Minister for Environment Protection Nurlan Iskakov and Minister for Transport and Communications Serik Ahmetov

At the meeting, Nurlan Iskakov informed the President on results of the Ministry’s work in the last year.

The President instructed the Ministry to adopt a strategy for the effective use of energy and renewable resources in order to maintain sustainable development until 2024. The President drew attention to issues of developing a bill on supporting alternative energy industry and prohibiting import of “dirty” technologies in Kazakhstan.

“For the first time, our Ministry summarized the outcomes of the last year based on target indicators of transfer to sustainable development. Last year, air exhausts were decreased by 8 percents, water pollutions were reduced by 7 percents, and manufacturing wastes were decreased by 3 percents. This corresponds to the medium-term strategy of the government,” Nurlan Iskakov said at a press briefing.

Minister for transport and communications Serik Ahmetov presented to the President a report on the implementation course of the Transport Strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2015, and also updated the President on the construction of infrastructural objects in the road, railroad and water route systems.

“The President put an emphasis on issues of constructing infrastructural objects by concessions based on partnership between state and private sector. The President gave concrete instructions for the railroad industry and civil aviation. All these tasks will be supervised by our Ministry,” Serik Ahmetov said at a press briefing.

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