30 January 2008
President Nursultan Nazarbayev Attends the Forum of the Bolashak Program’s Scholars in Astana

The Bolashak Program was established in 1993 by personal initiative of the President. Since that time, the program has been radically transformed and the number of scholarships has increased up to three thousands. The Bolashak program has also increased the number of participating countries. Kazakhstan sends its scholars to 32 countries now. As a result, the program has contributed much to the preparation of high calibrated professionals.

Bolashak scholars successfully work in the area of public administration, budget organizations and national companies, local and international corporations.

The President put an emphasis on prospects of Kazakhstan’s development and on the role in it of the scholars of the Bolashak Program.

“You embody patriotic young people of the country who are ready to contribute to the establishment of new Kazakhstan. It is time to make the hopes that the country has in you come true,” Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The President said that the Bolashak program can be considered as a breakthrough project aimed at forming a competitive nation.

The President expressed an opinion that Bolahsak scholars could be the basis to the new generation of managers that is about to come to power.

The President announced the idea of the national project “Intellectual nation – 2020”. The project’s implementation consists of three parts. Those are innovative development of educational system, powerful information revolution and spiritual education of young people.

“The project’s goal is to educate Kazakhstani people of new generation and to turn Kazakhstan into a country having competitive human resources,” the President noted.

The Head of State also noted there was an issue of modernizing the Bolashak Program. First of all, it is necessary to ensure a greater transparency of the applicant selection process. All people must be sure in the availability and fairness of the program.

The President noted that the association of Bolashak scholars could participate in the selection process as a public inspector.

In conclusion, the President said that all Bolashak scholars must consider the opportunity to study abroad as a unique possibility to contribute to the establishment of our young independent state.

“Today, the society and I, as the Head of State can ask you to work in full for the prosperity of our Motherland. You are the new generation of citizens that will create a new Kazakhstan in a new world. I believe, you have enough desire and strength to make Kazakhstan a strong, respectable and prosperous state in the XXI century,” Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized.

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