1 January 2008
New Year Congratulation Message by President Nursultan Nazarbayev of the Republic of Kazakhstan

My dear compatriots!


In a few minutes, the New 2008 Year will come to us, and this year will pass away and become a page in history.

The passed 365 days were intensively saturated with different events. And we all witnessed all these events. No doubt, this year was a successful one, a year of great accomplishments.

Despite of the difficult situation in the world economy, Kazakhstan has managed to keep high rates of economic development. Tens of new enterprises based on high technologies were established in our country. We got a recordable harvest of grain.

We also created tens of thousands of new jobs. New houses, medical and educational complexes, objects of culture and sport are built throughout the country.

Pensions and allowances have increased as well as salaries of doctors, teachers, state servants.

There is more democracy in the country. The political reform has turned Kazakhstan into a presidential parliamentary republic.

The country enjoys an extremely high international reputation. Because of that, our country has received the right to chair the OSCE, this very reputable international organization in 2010.

In other words, this year Kazakhstan has made significant progress in economy, internal and foreign policies and social development. It was possible because of the labor, unity and hopes for a better future of all of you, my dear compatriots.

I am proud of our people! And I am sincerely thankful to you for this!

But we face new challenges. And we have all possibilities to successfully cope with these challenges.

Our economy is strong and healthy. We are a prosperous and rich nation. All social goals outlined in my address will be achieved. We will continue to go toward high standards of life.

We have peace and accord, friendship and mutual understanding in our country as in a good united family. The Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan is represented in Parliament.

We have political stability. We are entering the New Year with a renewed Constitution and new Parliament.

We have a beautiful capital city, the city of Astana that will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year. Today, all Kazakhstani people live according to Astana’s time, the time of noble dreams and creativity.

And most important, we have our beloved Motherland, the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is the common house to all of us. And it has fifteen and a half million talented sons and daughters who all together build their destiny and better future.

My dear friends!

New Year is a time of hopes and brave plans.

I wish your entire dreams come true.

I wish peace, love and well-being were always in your homes. I wish every Kazakhstani family children, a long life to the elderly generations, confidence for our men and happiness to our women.

Happy New Year, my dear Kazakhstanies!

New Happiness!

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