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30 January 2008
In Akorda Palace, President Nursultan Nazarbayev Views a Project of Developing the Resort Zone of Burabay

The project developed by the Turkish company BF Global implies the establishment of a tourist-entertaining complex of world class on the coast of the Shuchie Lake.

It is planned to build nine hotels comprising 3700 rooms meeting all world standards. Entertainment and trade centers of a total area of more than 21 thousand square meters, more than 700 private cottages and 4-5-storey houses comprising 1620 flats are also going to be built there.

The implementation of this project implies the development of the Burabay resort as a popular site for summer and winter holidays. Golf-clubs, an equestrian center, climbing walls will attract tourists from around the globe.

For winter holidays, it is planned to build skate rings and skiing routes with modern elevators.

The project will be implemented in five stages taking 12 years.

The President pointed out the necessity of constructing transport infrastructure in the resort zone.

The Head of State noted that the resort zone Burabay is a pearl of Kazakhstan. It is necessary to protect forests and restore damaged green areas.

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