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24 October 2006
Head of State Nursultan Nazarbaev took part in the adjuration ceremony of a number of political state employees, who swore allegiance to the people of Kazakhstan.

Public Health Minister A. Dernovoy, Transport and Communications Minister S. Akhmetov, Environment Protection Minister N. Iskakov, Economy and Budget Planning Minister A. Musin, Chief of the Presidential Security Service M. Ayubayev, akim A. Mamin of Astana, akim B. Ryskaliev of the Atyrau region, Chairman A. Arystanov of the Agency for regulating activities of the financial center of the Almaty city swore a solemn oath to the people of Kazakhstan and to the President of the country in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

- You swore on the eve of the outstanding holiday for our country, the Republic Day. I am sure that this exciting moment will always remain in your memory. You have sworn to abide by the Constitution and the laws of the Republic, to keep the rights and freedoms of citizens, to promote interests of the state and its people. Let’s the words of this oath be the daily program for your actions. Always remember these words, - Nursultan Nazarbaev said in his speech.   

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