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1 March 2019
Congratulations of the Head of State on the Day of Gratitude

Dear compatriots!

With all my heart I congratulate everyone on the great holiday – Day of Gratitude!

It encapsulates the memory of the mercy shown by our nation in the years of ordeal.

The Day of Gratitude is a tribute to our common history, expression of gratitude to the sacred Kazakh land, which has become home to all citizens of the country.

Strengthening the unity of Kazakhstan’s nation, over the years of independence, we have formed our own unique model of peace and harmony.

At the present stage, we are accomplishing a large-scale modernization program; we are taking comprehensive measures to improve the well-being.

Lifelong moral standards of solidarity and mutual assistance always unite us, form a feeling of belonging and responsibility for the common future.

The current generation, especially the youth, should know and remember our history. Its experience and wise lessons are the example of true patriotism and unity.

Let the heart of each of us be filled with pride and gratitude for our common success - prosperous Kazakhstan!

I wish every family happiness, peace and prosperity!

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